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  • September 2017
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History consists of a series of accumulated imaginative inventions. – Voltaire

LISTORIA: European youngsters explore their common past in stories and poetry.  



… go marching in.

Have a look at the creative work of our Hungarian youngsters. Don’t they all look like saints?

O when the saints…

In Belgium we presented the lifes of some saints in a creative way. Some of the pupils made a quiz or a nice PowerPoint presentation. Some used the tool Xtranormal. This is fun! Here you have the clip made by the legendary Tanja who made a clip about Saint Susanna of Rome. Have a look at some other Xtranormal clips as well.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3493217&dest=-1]


Christmas party

At last the winter school break has come. The class 6.b had a christmas party with many presents and fun.
We wish all of our partners merry christmas and happy new year!

Back to the time of legends

Now we’re six grades in Fót and on History lessons we’re roaming in the medieval age of Hungary what time was rich of extraordinary, outstanding people. Among them we can find not only heroes and kings but princesses, later they were looked, respected saints because of their self-sacrificing lifes. The 6.b listened to the three legends of three Hungarian saints. They were close relatives, Margit and Kinga were sisters, Elisabeth was their aunt in the Árpád royal family.
My poor pupils! they had to listen to the stories very carefully because they got pools from the three legends. But they did that very well. The stories are interesting so I recommend to everybody’s attention. You can find the brief versions of those on wikipedia not only in Hungarian.


Folk in reality

Probably it was not an accident that class 5.b went to a skanzen (open air folk museum) for the class trip. Suddenly they were dropped back into the rural past and they experienced the traditional man and woman work. They could see the circumstances of how people used to live in a village house, of course with no electricity, and they did the duties what were very normal 100-150 years ago. The girls did the housekeeping and produced butter while the boys cared about the animals. At the end of the day they ate the delicious slices of bread and butter with some chopped onion.

Finishing the visit we travelled by horse car around the skanzen.

[rockyou id=138584699&w=426&h=319]

(Ilona Papp)

We are qualified

Dear all,
Yesterday our project received the national quality label from the Hungarian NSS.
It’s  good news, isn’t it?

Ilona Papp